It's not a smart transaction unless it's a SMART Transaction.

Buying a home or investment property can be a daunting experience.  There’s a great deal of information being passed between the buyer, seller and the real estate professionals who help facilitate the process. Any misstep or miscommunication during this process typically leads to larger obstacles and problems for all involved.

At American Homeland Title Agency, we believe this procedure should be less difficult. That is why we are the only title agency to offer a free and proactive service platform called SMARTtransaction. SMARTtransaction makes life easier by providing an efficient method of handling a real estate transaction from start to finish.  This tool allows real estate agents, lenders, processors, attorneys and title companies to effortlessly communicate and prevent the issues which derail and slow down real estate transactions.

For real estate agents especially, it’s like having an assistant you don’t have to put on payroll. They can rest assured that information needed, such as a required item at closing, is clarified simply without violating natural firewalls between the real estate agent and their client.

What does SMARTtransaction do for you?

SMARTtransaction benefits include:
  • Easy access for all parties to common questions regarding the property
  • Quick distribution of government required disclosures to the buyer/seller
  • On-hand real estate attorney to address legal and procedural questions
  • A separate private portal to transport sensitive information safely for all parties involved
  • E-signature capability with necessary documents prior to closing, or missed at closing
  • Prevention against fraud

We believe there is more to a successful real estate transaction than just showing up at closing.  Those who use SMARTtransaction also agree with this principle, and create the kind of open communication which ensures each party will be held accountable for their role. This innovative platform is your key to being in the loop every step of the way – and even better – updated on ongoing progress in real time.

When dealing with a real estate transaction, if it is not a SMARTtransaction, it is not a smart transaction.