Owner's Title Insurance

Enjoy the benefits of doing business with American Homeland Title. 

Buying and selling a property can be one of the most difficult experiences of your life, especially if you attempt to go through the process without a Realtor. At American Homeland Title Agency, we offer the real estate title search, as well as home owners title insurance, you require for a successful real estate transaction. Our mortgage title company can make it easy for everyone who is selling a home, we can help with cash transactions or mortgage transactions. Even if you sell a house without a Realtor by your side.


Protect Your Purchase

When you spend a lot of money on your home, you need a title agency that is looking out for you. Our title company will check into your title before you close on the house. This house title search will look for several things, including:

Is the seller able to sell the property?
Are there any restrictions or allowances you should know about?
Are there liens against the property that must be cleared?

Knowing this information and taking care of them before you close on the house is essential to the successful sale and purchase of a home in Cincinnati or other areas of Ohio.


For Sale by Owner

While Realtors often take care of these issues, we can help with a for sale by owner closing to ensure you are just as protected as you would working with a Realtor. Our title office will perform the same property title search and ensure you obtain the right title insurance so you can buy your new home with peace of mind.

Contact us for help purchasing the right home in Cincinnati, Ohio, Kentucky or any other state with confidence.