About Us

We are BETTER than the competition.

American Homeland Title Agency was founded in 2004 on the principles of “The Five Point Advantage”: providing customers with legendary customer service, cutting-edge technology, competitive pricing, phenomenal facilities all in a convenient location. Implementing these principles, the company has grown despite the challenges of the economy and the housing market.

Today, the company still follows its initial blueprint which has allowed it to become the best title company in the Cincinnati area. Our real estate attorneys are involved in all aspects of the company and are available to assist customers with their transactions. The company can now assist with real estate transactions for any property located in the United States. Whether it is a new home purchase or a mortgage refinance transaction, industry professionals know that with American Homeland Title Agency, customers get everything and more.


What makes us BETTER than the competition?

Real estate attorneys actively manage and own the company. The competition often times have no attorneys involved with their company.

All of our legal documents are prepared by attorneys. The competition often times have non-attorneys prepare legal documents without the supervision or review of an attorney. The competition often times will find a rogue attorney that they pay a fee to “borrow” the attorney’s name that is placed on legal documents as if the document was actually prepared by an attorney.

Our attorneys are available to provide advice on real estate transactions.
The competition often times have no attorneys involved with their company.

We offer the best technology including our proprietary platform SMARTtransaction. The competition often times does not even have a website let alone any online customer-oriented capabilities.

We are able to close most transactions any time and any place within reason. We strive to accommodate all parties to a transaction. The competition often times requires you to close at “their” convenience at a time and place of their choosing.

We pride ourselves in providing legendary customer-service and are always looking for ways to improve the customer’s experience. The competition often times provides little to no customer service.

We offer some of the lowest fees in the area for our title services. The competition often times charges exorbitant fees and has junk fees that they try to pass on to the customer. In some cases, these fees can be as much as $500 higher on a basic transaction.

We strive to be efficient in everything that we do while never sacrificing the customer’s experience. The competition often times cut corners to save costs.

We offer title insurance that is underwritten by First American, the industry leader in title insurance. The competition often times provides title insurance from underwriters with substandard ability to pay potential claims.

We work hard to provide the best closers to handle every transaction for the company. The competition often times hires the cheapest notaries that they can find. Often times these “cheap” notaries have little or no experience and are unable to explain the closing paperwork.

We are owned by two licensed Ohio real estate attorneys. The competition often times is owned directly or indirectly by individuals that have had companies closed down due to massive fraud and even owned directly or indirectly by convicted felons that have been banned from the title industry.